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Top Stories | Dec. 14 2017

How to help children focus on serving others this Christmas

By Carolyn Tomlin Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist Shoppers hurry to complete their Christmas list. Children wait patiently for Dec. 25 to... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Dec. 14 2017

Sports betting ban under review by Supreme Court

By Carrie Brown McWhorter The Alabama Baptist The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Dec. 4 in a case that could determine the future of gambling... [READ MORE]

Asia | Dec. 13 2017

Restrictions on worship continue in Kazakhstan

EKIBASTUZ, Kazakhstan — Local police in Kazakhstan continue their crackdown on Christian church services. In October police raided the Sunday... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Dec. 13 2017

Calculator creates uniformly spaced Christmas lights

A University of Mobile (UM) mathematics professor has solved one of the frustrations of the Christmas season by developing the Christmas Tree... [READ MORE]

Africa | Dec. 12 2017

Christians in Egypt lose more worship sites

SHOBRA EL-KHEIMA, Egypt — Fear of Islamist attacks was again cited as the cause of stopping worship in Egypt recently, even though parishioners... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Dec. 12 2017

Executive director Taylor set to retire after 38 years at Shocco Springs

By Grace Thornton The Alabama Baptist Cory Horton was a brand-new hire at Shocco Springs Baptist Conference Center in Talladega when he got a... [READ MORE]

Events Promotion | Dec. 11 2017

Shades Mountain ministry produces Christmas film

Online shopping is a multibillion-dollar enterprise fueled by the promise of quick and easy delivery right to the front door. But what would... [READ MORE]

Asia | Dec. 11 2017

Officials replace religious images in China

HUANGJINBU, China — In China’s Jiangxi province, officials are removing religious images and replacing them with portraits of Xi Jinping,... [READ MORE]